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So something that was doing the rounds on certain groups of Twitter was the YouGov Profiler. This tool uses YouGov data (which is collected from the public, and is pretty legitimate source of data) to generate a profile for the average user.

Of course, the first thing I put in was “WordPress”, to see what was the average user in the UK consists of. Although they didn’t tell you too much about the platform (it seemed to suggest that the profiles users of the WordPress Mobile Application, rather than the blogging platform), it did seem to suggest the following:-

  • The average user is female, live in the Midlands, and is between the ages of 25 and 39.
  • They are left leaning politically, and thus read the Guardian.
  • They work in the media & publishing industry (duh), enjoy buying & selling online (duh, again) and are likely to own a bird and enjoy Rugby Union.
  • They’re most likely to be drinking a Smirnoff Vodka at the WordCamp after parties.
  • They are curious in nature, but also withdrawn and can be “difficult to deal with” (I’m assuming this is when you’re approaching deadlines).
  • Ironically, their most visited website was that beacon of all that is new and hip in the web world – AOL.com (though not actually the .co.uk version).
  • But the best thing? Their most favourite TV Show was this:-

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 16.07.15

Wonder if that is a homage to the former default theme in WordPress?

Anyway, whilst being a bit of fun, it could be useful for those working on the mobile team, as well as those targeting UK users for a mobile experience.

It is a quite small sample set (only 27 users), but if you want to explore more about the survey, check it out here.

Do you think this is accurate? How does that correlate with you? Have you found any other interesting titbits from the survey? Let me know in the comments!



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