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I’m delighted to announce the release of a new plugin – List Latest Tagged Posts.

This plugin is remarkably simple that allows you to list the latest posts tagged with a certain tag in a shortcode, which you can add to any post, page or custom post type that allows shortcodes.

This is the first release, so I’m keen to just look for feedback, as it scratched an itch that I had – I wanted to list recent posts on my WordPress Plugin pages, so rather than cobble something together, I spent a bit more time to do it properly and release it as a plugin.

I’m not entirely sure what way to go with the plugin, as it’s simple rather than anything complex, but hopefully somebody finds it useful.

To download version 1.0, please click the button below.

Download List Latest Tagged Posts v1.0

Finally, the project is on Github. You can find it on Github here. You can see the current issues (and a possible roadmap) here. The issues and roadmap are currently empty, largely because I’m not sure what I’ll do with this plugin, but hopefully people find it useful!



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