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So first and foremost, allow me to apologise for the lack of posts, for reasons we’ll get into in this post, as my time has been used up doing something else. However, I should be able to pick up the posts in the next few weeks, so thanks for your patience.

The reason is due to the introduction of the new EU VAT Legislation for digital businesses. As a result, I’ve had to register with VAT with VATMOSS, and generally had to prepare for it, as somebody who sells products online.

And now I’m ready to launch what I’ve done for the community.

Today I’m delighted to have launched Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration. This plugin, installed with Easy Digital Downloads, allows to you record sales in Taxamo. Taxamo records the tax for each country and will allow you to easily submit your VAT to VATMOSS. Best of all, for 20 transactions or less a month, it’s completely free.

It automatically changes the price of the product dependant on the user’s location, and if they are VAT Registered, and uses information already collected by Easy Digital Downloads.

Anyway you can download it at the below link.

Download Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration

Please note: For this plugin I’m only offering premium support. You can subscribe to premium support here.

If you spot a bug, or want to contribute to make the plugin better, then check out the github repository.

Also, a big thank you to Pippin Williamson, Sami Keijonen and Dan Griffiths for their help in testing it. You guys rock!



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