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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Flipclock version 1.4!¬†This version mainly adds on a bunch of new features to the plugin, so if you wish to take advantage of these features, please upgrade.

Timezone Attribute

We’ve introduced a timezone attribute. This will allow you to set the timezone for when the countdown runs out. So say you have something that ends at a certain time, but it needs to synchronise with a time zone, then add this attribute to make sure the user’s timezone matches yours.

Lang Attribute

The Lang attribute allows you to select one of 14 different languages to be used on the headers for the flipclock. This allows proper localisation, so they don’t need to be translated, as the languages are applied in the flipclock.js (which has been updated to 0.5.5).

Seconds Attribute

Finally, the final attribute to be included in the plugin is the “seconds” attribute. This attribute hides the “seconds” field, so is useful for long countdowns where it’s not essential to have this. It also best works when “days” is the final attribute.

An example that incorporates all three updates below, is say if you want a Russian language countdown, to Christmas Day 2020 in Moscow, without the second hands showing:-

You can see how this is done (as well as other updates) using the brand new WP Flipclock Documentation.


A lot of improvements were due to Den Kalinin, who’s work added all the upgrades mentioned above (bar the upgrade to the flipclock.js). Thanks Den!


To download the latest version of the plugin, please click the link below:-

Download WP Flipclock

Keep Upto Date

Finally, to keep upto date with the plugin, please check out the Github issues for a possible future roadmap of the plugin, or subscribe to the mailing list below.



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