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This weekend, I will be attending WordCamp London. Say hi!

My name is Rhys, I’m a WordPress plugin developer, occasional speaker, even more occasional author, Wales Rugby & Liverpool Football fan (so if I appear very distracted during lunch on Saturday & Sunday, apologies) and a very good hugger.

This is my 5th WordCamp, previously attending the ones in Lancaster, Leiden, Manchester & Sofia, and I’m arriving late on the Friday (missing the contributor day unfortunately), and leaving after the conference finishes on the Sunday, so hope to see and chat with some like minded individuals at the event.

I’m probably going to split my time between Tracks 1 & 2, with the occasional hanging out in the hallway if nothing quite takes my fancy, but the lineup looks good, with lots of excellent speakers, so looking forward to learning a fair bit.

I’ll probably be doing some note taking, scribbling away manically, to do another sort of “Tweetable Tips” post like the one I did on WordCamp Europe 2014 (though may do slightly less tweetable tips, that page does have horrendous loading times), so fingers crossed that goes live soon after the event. Unless my laptop breaks or gets lost or something.

From looking at the attendee list, I’m particularly looking forward to reacquaint myself with a large portion of the European community that does seem to be heading to London. Although not official, it does seem due to the size, location, and how bloody easy it is to get to London, that it does seem to be a WordCamp Europe Lite, which is fun, as somebody who cannot go to Seville this year this feels like a good alternative.

Anyway, looking forward to share tips, knowledge, food and beers with the WordPress community. I’d be particularly interested in speaking to people regarding some sort of blogging tips, on coming up for ideas for blog posts and how to promote plugins further, so if you have any tips on that, feel free to shout in my general direction. Also if anybody fancies writing a guest post, then by all means shout at me.

I’m looking forward to see you all there!

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