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Today we’re excited to announce Winwar Media partnership with Manchester United, as their Official Not-at-all-official WordPress Developer for The Area of South Manchester The Owner Lives In.

Winwar Media, who’s director Rhys Wynne lives a stones throw and spitting distance from Manchester United (and trust me, he’s tested it by throwing stones and spitting), is a company looking to kickstart their community efforts. What better way to begin with a poor, disadvantaged debt-ridden tinpot football club, who recently had to go an entire year without Champions League football. The dears. They’re even going to donate a copy of bbPress Complete to Wayne Rooney, when it is proven he can read all the pages of The Very Hungry Caterpillar without looking at the pictures.

Exclusive Discount for Manchester United Fans!

As a show of support to all Manchester United fans, I’ve an exclusive code for them.

Enter MANUTDAREGREAT at checkout to get £10 added to either WP Taxi Me Premium or Peacoming. As many Manchester United fans live nowhere near Manchester but instead live in big expensive cities like London, I’m sure that they can afford an extra £10 to support their associates. After all, they help fund a £26 million transfer for Anderson. Anderson! He couldn’t hit a barn door with a tennis racket!

We look forward to work with Manchester United fans the world over.



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