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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Taxi Me Premium 1.3, and Free 1.1!

This adds a bunch of new features to the two plugins, as requested by premium users.

Estimated Pricing Demonstration for WP Taxi Me.

Premium Feature – Estimated Pricing & Duration

This feature takes the user’s current location, and if there’s the ability to get a taxi to that location, it will work out an estimated duration of the journey, or the price should you wish. This is data taken from the Uber API, and can really help drive people to your location.

Please note: due to the nature of Uber’s API, you need a secure site. We recommend (and use) Namecheap’s SSL Certificates, but you may wish to speak to your host to see what is possible.

Free Feature – Debug Mode

We’ve also added a debug mode for free. This allows sign designers & developers to see how their button looks without having to bother with changing the mobile headers. You’re welcome!


We’ve also included the caching of the latitude and longitude of the address of the business. This stops the API limit being hit on busy sites.

Better Documentation

With the new estimated pricing features, we’ve strengthened up the documentation. You can read the documentation here.

Other Features

  • Fixed a couple of warnings in display mode.
  • Added a “Button Text” filter.

Get Updated!

The premium version is only £15, for an unlimited site licence, and have been shown to drive business to you. To buy, please click the link below:-

Billed yearly until cancelled

Alternatively, you can download the free version here.

Stay Updated

Finally, to keep upto date with the plugin please subscribe to the mailing list below.



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