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Recently I was approached by Tim Nash with an intriguing proposition: starting a WordPress Podcast.

It was something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m an avid podcast listener as a huge fan of various podcasts that surround my interests, and it would be good to try and make one to try and stand out. WordPress was one of two or three subjects that I felt I could qualify in delivering a podcast in, and I felt that most of the WordPress Podcasts out there are US focussed, and as such I felt a European voice was needed.

However, it does seem like a lot of work, so it’s been good actually sharing some of the load (as well as experience) with other people.

So Tim, Alastair McDermott and myself did a dry run a last week. It went well, so now we’re ready to show you.

We launched wp-admin.fm.

wp-admin.fm (pronounced to WP Admin) is a podcast dedicated to WordPress developers looking to turn their offerings into a business. We talk mainly about productising your wares, and to hopefully share experiences of our successes and failures. We also talk about the top stories in the WordPress community, and although not strictly European focussed, we’re more likely to talk about issues this side of the pond because – well – we’re all based this side of the pond.

We’re still recording episodes, so we’re not quite ready to go on iTunes or Soundcloud, but we’re recording our next couple of episodes live this upcoming Friday, we’d love you to watch! You can sign up on the wp-admin.fm page to be notified when we go live. We’d love to see you there.

Click here to check out wp-admin.fm



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