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So over the weekend just gone I attended the WP Sheffield hack day, which was the first time I’d been to that event. It’s just that little bit far for me to attend on a school night, but I was more than happy to go to an event over the weekend, as I have a little bit more time.

For those of you who have never been to a hack day, it’s an event whereby you spend time in a room, looking to build something with however long you’ve got. Usually you form small teams to build something together, and there are occasionally rules. Food and drink are often provided. The only rule was that you had to make something that was built on WordPress, and there were some interesting ideas put forward. I put forward an idea for a Podcasting Theme (which was a little cheeky, as we need it for wp-admin.fm), and the best ideas were to be developed, and individuals were to be split into teams.

I was surprised that the Podcasting Theme (which became more of a system) actually became an idea to be developed, which team I helped run with Charlie Tapster and Robert Deniszczyc. It was interesting getting feedback for the idea, and we expanded it further to be a full Podcast System (dubbed “SoundPress”, which integrated with Soundcloud.

After 10 hours of development, we ended up having some sort of Soundcloud integration (which was flakey, largely due to the poor Wifi), and a basic theme that integrated with the added on fields with the post type. We also talked briefly about the presentation, and it seemed to go down pretty well, which I was happy with after 10 hours work.

You can see the results of the project on Github – theme repository & the plugin repository. Hopefully somebody finds it useful.

Of course, it wasn’t just us, as there were some other projects as well.

  • The MakeDo team built a new update to the WP Sheffield site, to allow meetup organisers to manage their speakers, sessions & sponsors in a theme style similar to a WordCamp.
  • The Feedback-er Team (which consisted of Kirsty Burgoine & Sam Miller) built a really impressive prototype system allowing feedback on WordPress websites by having a click & comment system. You can see the Github here – and I’d recommend you star it.
  • The Post Emote team of Andrew Deniszczyc and Dan Westall produced a plugin that reads your blog post and sets it to music dependant on the mood. So your blog post sings to you.

All in all it was a great day with some top WordPress folks. I must admit I usually work on my own, so working in a team was a nice bonus. A lot was done and the projects created show real potential and hopefully some will see the light of day in a more official capacity soon!

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Header Photo Credit: Me Presenting at #wpsheff by @WPSheff on Twitter.

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