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So this release of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration will be the final one released under it’s current guise.

The release number – 1.6.2 – fixes a small bug (which is detailed below).

Why Discontinue It?

In short, it is a bit of a time suck.

The plugin was made basically as an internal project mainly for me, but it did get pushed out as a release soon after Christmas due to a need for something in the community (a decision I wanted to take, so it wasn’t forced on me!). It was pushed out for free, with the hope of the partner income would cover my time.

Where issues arose were surrounding support. Even with Priority Support, and actually saying “I’m not supporting this for free”, the amount of bugs and issues on the Github grew, and maintaining took more and more time. Support requests came from a number of areas – both direct to me, and from EDD & Taxamo.

Easy Digital Downloads is a huge plugin, with a number of addons. To get 100% compatibility for this plugin in all addons, and maintain it, is probably nigh on impossible, and certainly a scary proposition for one programmer. Furthermore, the amount of partner revenue received basically means I am unable to dedicate anymore time to it, instead focussing on plugins that are bringing a return, with a lot less work.

What now?

Well I’ve removed EDD Taxamo Integration option from the Priority Support, and given the “adopt me” tag to the next update. Should you do decide to adopt it, please contact me, and I can put you in contact with relevant people and to try and handover successfully. All I ask is that the basic plugin is kept free, and that I am still recognised as a developer of the original plugin in the credits.

Upon adoption, I’ll happily transfer the github & WordPress.org profile to you, and forward the Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration to wherever you want.

I truly believe this plugin can be successful, with the right person (or people) behind it. I just don’t have time to work on it though!

Onto Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration 1.6.2

This plugin fixes a bug that the fallback rate was added twice on EU orders.


To download the latest version of the plugin, please click the link below:-

Download Easy Digital Downloads -Taxamo Integration

This plugin requires an account on Taxamo to run. Click here to sign up to Taxamo:-

Sign up For Taxamo

Keep Upto Date

To keep upto date with the plugin, check out the Github issues for a possible future roadmap of the plugin. Alternatively, subscribe to the mailing list below.



  • Jake McMurchie

    I’m very sorry to hear this Rhys, it’s an excellent plugin and extremely important to many small businesses selling digital products in UK (and probably Europe), including not-for-profits like the organisation I work for. Have you considered converting it to a paid plugin? The complexity of EDD, Taxamo and VATMOSS would certainly be worth the cost to many organisations.
    Thanks for all your work to date.

    November 17, 2015 at 4:08 pm

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