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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress v1.7 (and also 1.7.1)!

This version introduces the ability to switch off feed caching. Recently we’ve spotted issues whereby feeds were being cached incorrectly. Although I’m not 100% sure that this fixes the issues that we’re having, it has fixed it a few times during testing.

To disable the feed caching, simply tick the checkbox within the eBay Feeds for WordPress settings page.


We also identified an issue that feeds were being incorrectly parsed in shortcodes. This was due to the ampersand character being rendered as a HTML entity. This has also been fixed (in version 1.7.1).

To download the latest version of eBay Feeds for WordPress, please click the link below.

Download eBay Feeds for WordPress 1.7.1

A massive shout out to Ryan Hellyer, who’s guide to flushing RSS Cache in WordPress was incredibly helpful in this update. Also thanks to Marc Hall, for the epic bug hunt to try and fix the issue which was finally fixed in 1.7.1.

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The project is on Github. You can find it on Github here. I’ve also created a list of issues (a roadmap if you will) of changes to implement. Feel free to add (or try and fix) them!



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