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This post was written 2 years ago and therefore may not be as accurate as more recent posts.

Here’s something I discovered recently, and shows what’s cool about WordPress – it’s so big, that you could discover something that other people will find relatively straightforward.

Previously in WordPress I had been building themes with links to other pages as being static. This has worked out well for a number of years. However recently a mistake occurred when we put the site live with a link back to the staging site.

That isn’t good, so I began to look for alternatives. I had heard of get_permalink(), which gets the permalink of any page or post ID, so I began to think of how the option is saved in the database, and what that option is called.

After a big of digging, I found that 'page_for_posts' is the name of the option, and it’s stored as an ID. Brilliant! This makes life easier, so after a bit of reading, I found that this option is only present when a separate option – 'show_on_front' – is set to “page”, so we need to run a check to make sure that the home page of the blog is a proper page. If not, we simply return the home page using home_url().

Code To Get the Posts Page URL

Simple eh?

This may be simple to some, but it was something I was unaware of until recently. So if you feel intimidated in the WordPress Community, don’t be, as you probably know more than you think!



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