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Before I worked in WordPress development, I worked in SEO. One event that I owe a lot to is MancSAS (formally MancSEO), which was an monthly industry meetup back in the day that saw me network with the right people and ended up finding my first SEO job as well as my first job in Manchester.

It is being relaunched in the new year, and as a result I am doing a lightning talk at the event, talking about WordPress SEO by way of plugins and tools. Hopefully it will be useful to the attendees, as there are plenty of other speakers as well.

The event is taking place at I-COM’s offices on Portland Street, on the 10th of February, from 6:30pm onwards.

I want to try and speak at more non-WordCamp events this year, and I’m looking forward to meeting up again with the SEO community again.

I think there’s a few speaking spaces left, so if you are interested – either in speaking or attending – check out the MancSAS Event page. I hope to see you there!

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