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Recently, I’ve seen more and more “Expert Opinion” posts, particularly in the WordPress space. I’ve been asked myself to contribute to these, and I can see why. It’s easy content (you write very little beyond the actual questions), you can get some natural shares (from those contribute to the article, they may get an ego boost and share your article with their followers), and it can boost your credibility in the industry.

Why Don’t I Contribute Sometimes?

However, I must admit there are times that I don’t contribute, and have contributed but not share these articles, and there is a good reason.

You see, I’m getting a bit frustrated with these posts. Not by every one, mind, but I’m beginning to be concerned, in that are opinions (expert or not) being appreciated for these posts. I think some are taking advantage of their contributors. If I feel that I’m going to be taken advantage of, I don’t contribute.

Now strangely, I don’t feel like “being taken advantage of” if I’m asked to contribute loads. In fact I tend to waffle so I don’t mind writing 200-300 words to form my opinion. My “taking advantage” is if I feel that I’m not getting any benefit from said contribution to the article.

How to Appreciate Your Contributors, So They Don’t Feel Taken Advantage Of

As a way to appreciate people, here are a few things I’m keen on seeing:-

  • Thank People Who Contributed To Your Post – on top of simply being polite, the amount of people I don’t get a thanks from is incredible. Not least as this is the easiest thing in the world to do. By simply thanking your contributors after the post has gone live you can tell them the URL of the post. I’m not going to look for your post to share it. I’m busy!
  • Honour Requests of those who contribute – I have a few requests if I am to send contributions to. Usually as well as the contribution, I send a basic a media pack. This is my bios (various lengths), as well a decent photo of me. If I find that a photo is taken of me from my Facebook account from a drunken night out, or you link elsewhere when you associate me, I’m not too happy.
  • Link Out (without nofollow) – Speaking of linking out, don’t put nofollow on the link. Nofollow should only be used for “non-editorially approved links”. If you’re asking for my opinion for a post, that’s an editorially approved link, as you want my opinion. It’s only fair!

Those are just three things, but I’m sure there are more. I feel that expert opinion articles are a win-win form of content, but it needs both sides to be willing to give a bit to grow a lot. What are your thoughts?



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