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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Taxi Me 2.2!

This version adds to the Lyft features introduced in 2.1 and introduces a new feature for premium users.

Premium Feature – Show/Hide Lyft Button

On desktop the Lyft button (unlike the Uber Button) does appear. However you may not always want to display it. As a result if you built the button to only appear on mobiles you may want to hide it.

An option has been introduced that allows you to show or hide the lyft button should you so desire.

Premium Feature – Change Button Text

We’ve always included a way to change the button text – we use it if you want to track the ETA/Price of the taxis, however we’ve introduced a feature to allow users to change the button text should they wish to.

If you use the button to track ETA and Price, this will still be on the button.

Free Version Changes

The free version sees a lot of clear up on bugs. We have now made it completely PHP7 compatible.

Get WP Taxi Me Today

You can download the free version of WP Taxi Me here.

Download WP Taxi Me

Those with a valid licence can upgrade to WP Taxi Me 2.1 for free. If you don’t have a valid licence you can upgrade for £15 here.

Billed yearly until cancelled

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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