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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress 1.13!

This version is a small update, and fixed a non-security related bug, as well as one small change on the newsletter signup form.

Nofollow Bug

This version does two things, first off we spotted a bug in the nofollow attribute setting not correctly setting the nofollow attribute on all links. We fixed this bug so all links from the plugin to eBay will be set to be nofollow should you wish.

Newsletter Box Request

We’ve also changed the way in which the newsletter box in the back of the plugin. We were discovering users were subscribing to receive plugin updates, but we also have a newsletter. Some of the newsletter updates were irrelevant and people were unsubscribing. So we’ve added a check box where you can opt in to receive our newsletter.

Should you leave the checkbox unchecked (and it starts off unchecked), you’ll only receive related details of the plugin, rather than the whole newsletter.

We’ve been testing it for the past couple of months with WP Taxi Me and Inline Tweet Sharer, and initial results are positive with higher engagement on newsletters as we’ve had more opens and clicks and less unsubscriptions. We’ve finally rolled this out onto eBay Feeds for WordPress.

To download the latest version of eBay Feeds for WordPress, please click the link below.

Download eBay Feeds for WordPress 1.13

Keep Upto Date

To get updates on eBay Feeds For WordPress as well as all our other plugins and sites, please subscribe to our mailing list below.

The project is on Github. You can find it on Github here. I’ve also created a list of issues (a roadmap if you will) of changes to implement. Feel free to add (or try and fix) them!

Support for the new version will be provided either on the wordpress.org forum or our Priority Support system.



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