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If you have a WordPress site you may have noticed that recently you’re starting getting “not secure warnings” in Google Chrome 68. I’ve previously covered other not secure warnings in WordPress, but this one is an update of the previous changes rolled out in January 2017. This post will detail what to do if your WordPress Site is Not Secure in Google Chrome 68.

What Has Happened?

In short, Google Chrome 68, which came out this month, has happened. Previously insecure sites within Google Chrome sites that were would simply show an icon. Security would only be specified in three occasions:-

  • If an SSL Certificate was present and everything was correct (which would show a “Secure” notification in green)
  • If an SSL Certificate was present but there was a serious error (which would show a “Not Secure” warning in red)
  • If nothing was present and the page had a password or a credit card field (which would show a “Not Secure” warning in grey).

The last point in the list above is being rolled out to all pages on websites, not just those pages with password and credit card fields.

Is this a WordPress Issue?

In short – no. WordPress is secure, and it will run happily and easily on a secure server. But you will need to make your site secure.

How To Make Your Site Secure in Google Chrome 68

The way to make your site secure is to use a system like Lets Encrypt. Lets Encrypt is a simple, free SSL Certificate provider meaning that to make your site secure it will be free. I’ve a list of WordPress hosts that support Lets Encrypt, which range from high end managed hosts from £30/month to those that are in the £3/month range. If your host doesn’t support this then I recommend moving to one that does.

So now your WordPress Site is Secure, Now What?

Well, when you have made your site secure, you may want to spend some time making sure your new secure site is Google friendly. I’ve prepared a guide to transfer your site from HTTP not secure to HTTPS secure. To get the guide, simply put your email below. Details of the guide will be emailed to you.

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