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Today, with a slightly heavy heart, I announce the release of WP Taxi Me Free & Premium 2.6.

The reason why I start with “with a slightly heavy heart” is because Uber recently shut down it’s API, and shut down a bunch of applications, basically anybody who is not a partner.

As people who signed up to the Uber API to use WP Taxi Premium are not developer partners, this means that functionality has been lost for them. I can only apologise but we’re at the mercy of what Uber Decide to do.

But Along Came Lyft

As annoying as that was, I was informed by potential customer that Lyft also closed their API programme! Nice of them to message me as well! So we’ve had to redesign said buttons. Now they’re deeplinking (like Uber), and not as pretty, but they do work.

What We Have Done

We have done the following:-

  1. We’ve removed all functionality associated with the Uber API Integration. This means that the plugin does run faster and you don’t receive API errors within the console anymore.
  2. We’ve changed to deep linking to Lyft, removing the beautiful buttons that no longer work and replacing them with plain ones that do.
  3. We’ve emailed all customers explaining the situation, and offering them a chance to remove their subscription.
  4. We’ve dropped the price of the plugin for new customers to £10.

We believe that the price of the plugin is fair (there were 3 features associated with the premium version, and now two remain), and we’ll review the price should we reintroduce more features (and more services), so the plugin continues, just it’s not as good as it once was!

Nevertheless, it’s still a quality plugin, and I have many happy customers who use it!

Download WP Taxi Me 2.6 Today

To download WP Taxi Me 2.6, please click on the button below.

Download WP Taxi Me

Upgrade to WP Taxi Me Premium

Those with a valid licence can upgrade to WP Taxi Me Premium 2.6 for free. If you don’t have a valid licence you can upgrade for £10 here.

Billed yearly until cancelled

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