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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of Inline Tweet Sharer 2.4!

This version introduces a brand new option on the site, reducing the footprint the plugin uses on the site should you decide to use it, as well as a few display bugs.

Disable Stylesheets From Loading

The new version introduces a new option, which will allow you to disable stylesheets from loading. Simply tick the box within the settings page of the plugin and this will disable the stylesheets from loading. It’s that simple

Please note: The plugin requires JavaScript to run, so you won’t be able to disable that.

The plugin also fixed a display bug on the options page. Not a major issue, but just cleans up the page a bit.


To download the latest version of the plugin, please click the link below:-

Download Inline Tweet Sharer

To purchase the premium version it’s only £25/year. To purchase the premium version please click the link below.

Billed yearly until cancelled

First year. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Ongoing subscriptions have a 30% discount.
Extensions subject to yearly license for support and updates.

Keep Upto Date

Finally, to keep upto date with the plugin, please check out the Github issues for a possible future roadmap of the plugin, or subscribe to the mailing list below.



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