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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP eBay Product Feeds 2.6! This is an international edition for both the free & premium version.

Proper Internationalisation

For both the free & premium versions of WP eBay Product Feeds, I’ve been working on Internationalisation on this release, and it’s about ready to go. The internationalisation effort was lead by a request from Fabio M who translated the plugin into Italian (thanks for your help!) and now you can see in WordPress.org how the translation is going. If you’re able to translate the plugin into a language other than English then I’d be delighted for it to be done.

It was always on the backburner this, but both the free & premium versions are now available in Italian, with other languages to come as and when they’re done (I’m largely a monoglot).

Customisable Header

In WP eBay Product Feeds 2.5, I introduced a feature where a header would be automatically added. I’ve now added an option to customise this feature.

Premium Feature – Change Button Text

In the premium version, you can now easily change the “Buy Now” & “Add to Watch List” text. This has also added to the international flavour as now you can assign templates to an individual programme. This is so you are able to translate the buttons successfully. So, for example, if you set this to “eBay NL”, the plugin will look for the Dutch versions of “Buy It Now” and “Add To Watch List” to translate.

Download Links

To download the latest version of WP eBay Product Feeds, please click the link below.

Download WP eBay Product Feeds 2.6

Should you wish to upgrade to WP eBay Product Feeds Premium, here’s a link to purchase it, which is £30 for a yearly licence and you can purchase a licence using the link below.

Billed yearly until cancelled

First year. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Ongoing subscriptions have a 30% discount. Extensions subject to yearly license for support and updates.

Keep Upto Date

To get updates on WP eBay Product Feeds as well as all our other plugins and sites, please subscribe to our mailing list below.

The project is on Github. You can find it on Github here. I’ve also created a list of issues (a roadmap if you will) of changes to implement. Feel free to add (or try and fix) them!

Support for the new version will be provided either on the wordpress.org forum or our Priority Support system.



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