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We’ve now released WP eBay Product Feeds 3.2!

This release is only a free release, and adds on things we’ve discovered since working with Auction Request in the last few months, as well as how sites are structured and how people rank.

Better Handling of Search Engines

One thing we discovered recently was that bots were hammering Auction Request sites, we put some rudimentary caching in place but it wasn’t enough. This one integrates a solution that will hopefully work.

In WP eBay Product Feeds 3.1.1, we introduced a “bot” filter, which would block the common bots from viewing the site. Unfortunately, this blocked Google & Bing as well as the common bots. This normally isn’t a huge problem, but for some people it could have been, particularly incredibly niche searches.

We’ve now in 3.2 unblocked search engines, so Google & Bing bots will get through.

Some people would prefer bots to be blocked though, so we’ve added a checkbox which will allow you to hide these from known search engines.

We’ve also a filter – wp_ebay_product_feed_bots – which will allow you to control all bots you wish to search for, so you can apply more thorough or granular searches. Also, we’ve introduced a filter – wp_ebay_product_feed_bot_blocker – so you can create your own searches.

Control What You Show Search Engines

Should you take advantage of this, one thing we were doing was showing blank results for search engines. This wasn’t great and could do with some improvement. So we have a filter entitled wp_ebay_product_feed_blocked_text. You can use this filter with a bunch of arguments (the feed URL, the number of items to show, any arbitrary arguments and the header), so you can control what you wish to show in the header. People have been using this to show cached versions of the results from search engines, rather than live auctions/products.

Other Changes

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.5.

Download Links

To download the latest version of WP eBay Product Feeds, please click the link below.

Download WP eBay Product Feeds 3.2

Should you wish to upgrade to WP eBay Product Feeds Premium, here’s a link to purchase it, which is £30 for a yearly licence and you can purchase a licence using the link below.

Billed yearly until cancelled

First year. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Ongoing subscriptions have a 30% discount. Extensions subject to yearly license for support and updates.

Keep Upto Date

To get updates on WP eBay Product Feeds as well as all our other plugins and sites, please subscribe to our mailing list below.

The project is on Github. You can find it on Github here. I’ve also created a list of issues (a roadmap if you will) of changes to implement. Feel free to add (or try and fix) them!

Support for the new version will be provided either on the wordpress.org forum or our Priority Support system.




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