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Rhys Wynne

Rhys Wynne is the senior editor at Winwar Media's blog, with over 8 years experience in blogging, and enjoys creating WordPress plugins. You can follow Rhys on Twitter.

Posts by Rhys Wynne:

3 Ways To Make Your Blogging Easier in 2016


We’re a few weeks into the New Year already, and already there has been some interesting developments in the WordPress world. We’ve already had one release (4.4.1), which was released early last week, however still people are generally getting back into the rhythm on what to do in 2016. As such, I’d recommend to use…

Predictions for WordPress Businesses for 2016


Happy New Year Everybody! I hope you had a great break and are feeling refreshed for the new year! We took a nice break, we didn’t switch off totally but did end up having a fair few days just keeping an eye on things rather than doing much work. It is definitely needed though as projects…

State of The Winwar – A Year In Review


So as alluded to in the previous post, 2015 has been an interesting year for me personally, and professionally there’s been a lot of changes as well, most of which has been good. This post will hopefully be a bunch of thoughts on the year. Scrum Down Right. I’ve no idea if this is Scrum…

How I (as a WordPress Developer) am Improving Myself In 2016


Happy December! This is an interesting time of year as 2015 has seemingly flown by. Personally I’ve had better years, but 2016 could be a huge year for me. I’ve a lot that I want to focus on and improve on, and now that I’m fairly comfortable in myself, I’m beginning to look outward an…

Maps Marker Pro WordPress Plugin Review


Recently I was approached by the people behind Maps Marker Pro to give a review of their plugin and share my thoughts on it. I was honoured and delighted to be approached for this, so after playing around with it over the weekend, here’s what my thoughts on the plugin is. Maps Marker Pro is…

WordCamp Edinburgh – Roundup


Over the weekend just gone I was up in Scotland to attend WordCamp Edinburgh 2015. This is the first WordCamp I attended in Scotland so I was keen to meet the community up there, and of course to visit one of my favourite cities. The conference was in Skyscanner’s office slap bang in the city…

Hello WordCamp Edinburgh, I’m Rhys


I haven’t done one of these for a while, but WordCamp Edinburgh is this weekend and I’m looking forward to it immensely. This is the third WordCamp this year (behind London & Manchester), and the first one outside of the country (yeah, as a Welshman, I recognise Scotland as a separate country!). I look forward…

Analytics Tracking for WordPress Plugins – How I Do It


I heard a fascinating podcast recently on Apply Filters Podcast, which detailed proper Google Analytics tracking. A lot of developers are pretty terrible at marketing and SEO, and many of them also don’t properly attribute their links and where they come from. A few months ago I was in the same boat, which really gave…

WP Taxi Me Premium v1.4 Released!


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Taxi Me Premium 1.4! This addon to the premium version of WP Taxi Me adds one of the most requested features for the plugin – the ability to add multiple buttons to the site. Multiple Buttons Previously you were limited by one button even in the…