bbPress Complete

bbpress-completebbPress Complete is the latest book from Winwar Media published by Packt Publishing. The first published book on bbPress. bbPress Complete is a comprehensive guide to getting bbPress working on your WordPress enabled website as quickly and as easily as possible.

Chapter Guide

This concise, 100-page book is split into 5 chapters, from very basic setting up of bbPress through to more advanced discussions, including theme integration and plugin design.

Chapter 1: Getting Started With bbPress serves as an introduction to bbPress and how to install it on a WordPress blog. You will learn what bbPress is, how to install bbPress for the first time, as well as solutions to the most common installation problems.

Chapter 2: Taking Your First Steps With bbPress is designed to get you familiar with the bbPress management sections. Set up your first forums and create and moderate your first forum posts.

Chapter 3: User Management With bbPress will help you manage your forum as it begins to grow. Learn how to manage users, expand your profile, and deal with spam and unsavoury sides of forums in a way that will benefit your community.

Chapter 4: Extending bbPress Using Plugins covers the vast world of bbPress and WordPress plugins. You will learn how to mimic the functionality of other forums with plugins, making your site more content rich, as well as learning how to navigate the plugin repository, before talking you through bbPress actions and filters which can lead you into creating your own plugins.

Chapter 5: Adding bbPress to Your WordPress Theme will give you the knowledge of integrating bbPress with your own theme. You will learn how the template structure for bbPress works, what each template does, integrate bbPress functionality into your template, as well as create a forum-specific sidebar for your template.

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