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    David Lloyd

    Getting site not found messages and can’t link to the site!

    Rhys Wynne

    Yeah, just seen it now.

    It appears at domain/hosting level, which is a level above what I have access to (Scott’s the hosting guy). Everything (even the DNS/IP) appears to be down. I’ve too have lost access to the site via email etc.

    I’ve messaged Scott. He’s usually pretty sharp at restoring access so hopefully it’ll be restored soon. Until I hear from Scott, I don’t really have a timeline, but if it’s a substantial drop when it’s back up and running we’ll provide a full update as to what’s happened and the measures we’re taking to prevent this from happening again.

    Apologies for this.

    Rhys Wynne

    Hi David,

    Good morning.

    I’ve spoken with Scott and he’s filled me in with what’s happening.
    Basically, our host (Hostinger) has had a pretty significant datacenter failure, this has resulted in feeds being down for quite some time. This has knocked down EVERYTHING (including the email).

    I’ve spoken with Scott, and unfortunately there’s nothing we can really do until the problem is fixed.

    I’ve spoken with Hostinger, and they have my mobile number, so I’ll know as soon as it’s fixed. Alternatively, keep your eyes on this: – the second the US Datacenter issues are fixed then it should be back up and running.

    We’re really sorry for this significant downtime, in my (10+) years of dealing with web hosts I’ve rarely seen anything this significant for this long.

    Me and Scott are also speaking to mitigate these issues in the future. There’ll be a blog post that I’m beginning to work on.

    uwe steinmetz

    I have already send you an message a view weeks ago, that the server is located in a country I do not trust. It will be better to use a Swiss Data Center or one which is located in a reliable country. So do not host servers in USA.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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