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    Jay Todd

    Does caching a site page in wordpress via a plugin, cache the ebay feed link as well? If it does will excluding the auctionrequest url from the cache fix that? Trying to speed up my page load speed via preloading cache but not sure how it’s affecting the feed links.

    Rhys Wynne

    So, we do put a small amount of caching on the feeds. It’s about 5 minutes in total.

    The latest version of the plugin – 3.0.2 – does also introduce it’s own internal caching (again, 5 minutes). So that’s what we see.

    The answer to this, is – unfortunately – “it depends”. If you use a page level cache (which is fairly standard with WordPress), then yes it’ll cache the feed, as effectively you’re taking a snapshot of the page and storing it for a length of time. If you use object caching, then that only caches part of the pages.

    I don’t really understand object caching as a concept, so cannot help you more there!

    uwe steinmetz

    I habe the problem with using cache enabler plugin and autooptimize plugin, that the post with the feed is often empty. Cleaning the cache and the feed is running again. What to do for using this to plugins?

    Rhys Wynne

    Hi Uwe,

    I suspect it’s caching when a bot visits the site. I’m not familiar with these plugins, but could you see if there’s a setting in cache enabler to disable the caching if a bot visits the site?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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