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I made my WordCamp speaking debut at WordCamp Manchester speaking about how to make a wordpress child theme. This beginner level talk introduced child themes to the audience, gave an example as to why you should use them, as well as how to build and structure them.

It also dispels some common myths, and introduces good starting points for child themes.

How To Make a WordPress Child Theme Presentation Slides

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Video of the Talk

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Links Mentioned In This Talk

Code Examples

Example Themes

These are great starting blocks for WordPress themes.

  • Underscores (_s) – Free – A starter theme (though not necessary a parent theme). Good for using as a base as a framework you could be building.
  • Thematic – Free (though not been updated in a while), open-source, highly extensible, search-engine optimized WordPress Theme Framework
  • Genesis (affiliate link) – $59.95 – popular framework that is designed for speed. Responsive and optimised for search engines.
  • Peadig (affiliate link) – from $44.99 – Mobile first framework based on bootstrap. I use this probably the most out of all other themes.

Download Source Code

The source code built in this presentation can be downloaded from the below link.

Download Twenty Thirteen Child Source Code

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