Football Further

Services Offered: WordPress Consultancy

Tom Williams is a AFP Sport Journalist that specialises in French Football. His original blog was hosted on a free hosting service that – whilst showcased his writing – limited what he could do.

I helped him move his blog to a self-hosted WordPress host, advised on a hosting platform, as well as suggest plugins & improvements. This has helped him grow his presence online.

“Rhys helped me set up my website and his assistance was absolutely invaluable. He guided me through the entire process from start to finish, providing advice on finding a reliable hosting service and acquiring a domain name, helping me with code issues and giving me helpful pointers on the management of my site. At all times his explanations were clear and easy to follow, and I know that he’s always around to help if things go wrong.”

– Tom Williams, www.tomwfootball.com

Lobster Anywhere

Services Offered: WordPress Consultancy & Development

LobsterAnywhere.com is a Maine based restaurant that for over 30 years has supplied the restraunts of the United States with Lobster & Shellfish. As well as an online store that has been going for over 10 years.

I helped them grow their Lobster Tail Blog with plugins & optimisation to help them increase their presence on social media.

“If you want it done right. If you want it done quickly. And finally if you want it done at a fair price; Rhys is your wordpress guru. Your site will WORK beautifully!”

– Joe Bowab, www.lobsteranywhere.com

Merrydale Guest House, Llandudno

Services Offered: Full Web Design, Development, Basic Search Engine Optimisation & Analytics Training

Jen Ball runs the Merrydale Guest House in Llandudno, and needed a website that needed basic editing & was a lead generator.

I created a simple WordPress template to handle enquires, as well as set them up with Google Places & Google Analytics, to give them a good standing should they wish to carry out a link building campaign.

“Mr Wynne created a fully working website and email account for my business. Rhys was fast and efficient with creating the website and any changes that we requested were done the same day. Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand and we are now able to make necessary changes ourselves. I would be more than happy to recommend Mr Wynne’s services.”

– Jen Ball, www.merrydalellandudno.co.uk


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