Peacoming Documentation

Here is the documentation for Peacoming. It is replicated within the template. To buy the template, please visit the theme page.

Here’s the documentation for Peacoming. If you have any issues, please log into the Priority Support, which should be providing upon purchase.

Theme Options

  • Background Image: Decide whether you wish to use a background image. If not present, then the Peadig background colour will be used.
  • Colour Scheme: This will select one of the default colour scheme. This doesn’t include the background colour.
  • Date Countdown: If you have the WP Flipclock plugin installed, then you can activate a date countdown for the home page.
  • Launch Date: If you have a date countdown, then setting the launch date will allow the countdown to count down to that date.

Landing Page Options

If you wish, you could replace the default landing page with this. Use this if you wish to populate content on the rest of the blog before switching to the new site.

If activated, you get these options

  • Title Text: The title heading of the page.
  • Introduction Text: The text above the email marketing box. Use this as an introduction to your site, and encourage people to sign up.

Email Capture Options

If you wish to use an email capture software, then select either WP Email Capture (for WP Email Capture), or Other. Place either the WP Email Capture Shortcode or the generated form code here.