WP Email Capture

Site used to support my WordPress Plugin – WP Email Capture


  • Built on Genesis.
  • Uses Restrict Content Pro to handle premium support areas.
  • Custom video code lightbox used on the home page.
  • Uses WordPress Ticket Support System for support area.


With the launch of WP Email Capture Premium, I had to change the website around a little bit so rather than be a lead and download generator, to become a sales generator.

I’d been keen to use Genesis on a project for a while so Genesis was the choice for WP Email Capture. It is an incredibly impressive framework, so was happy with it.

An important point for me with the WP Email Capture Premium was that it had to support GPL. As such, I couldn’t put any protection on the plugin to prevent distribution. However I was able to protect the plugin by requiring purchasers to log into the site to download the plugin. I did this using Restrict Content Pro, and it works pretty well.

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WP Email Capture