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If you want to write for us, we’re always accepting guest posts for this blog. Guest posting is a great way for getting exposure for your site & yourself & we look after our guest posters more than most. Plus you’ll connect with all our lovely readers.

Guest Post Once

We like our guest posters, even those who are fleeting in the night guest posters. Breaking your guest posting virginity with us & we’ll give you an introduction (written by us, but don’t worry, we’re nice) as well as a bio at the bottom of the article (a small, 3 or 4 sentance paragraph with two links in it to your sites). We’d also like you to have a link to your Twitter Profile (you do have a twitter profile, right?), as we love twitter.

Guest Post More Than Once

If you write for us more than once, then we’ll give you a “contributor” login to this blog. This will give you one of these great Author Profiles, which have your gravatar & a permanent author bio, allowing you upto 4 links on all articles (2 are permanent), as well as a smug feeling that you’re better than fly by night guest posters.

Some Ground Rules

Just so you know, and you’re not wasting your time, here are some ground rules:-

  1. Is exclusive to us
  2. Has all the information within the post (links, images, etc – please use “h2” & “h3” for headings & subheadings if possible, but if you’re not comfortable with this, then that’s cool).
  3. Infringes no copyright laws
  4. Has Images (they do help!)

Also, it must be useful to readers of this blog. Sure you can write about “tips to make a perfect beef lasagne”, but alas it won’t be useful to our readers (as some are vegetarian).

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