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Using Gravity Forms & Custom Post Types Together

Ah Gravity Forms. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Probably not. But I’m a huge fan of the plugin that gives so much power in building forms. I’ve used it for so much in my time in WordPress, that right now I’m confident if I need anything from a booking form to a…

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How To Check if a Gravity Form Exists

Recently we had a project where we had to see if a Gravity Form existed before outputting anything. The reason we had this issue was because the plugin would be on a bunch of themes, each with different form numbers. As such, if the form didn’t exist, we’d have an ugly “We Couldn’t Find The…

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How To Disable The Gravity Forms Spam Filter

Okay, let me get it out there, I love Akismet. It has saved me so much time on the account I simply don’t have any reason to check spam. It’s truly something that you can set and forget, and really you should pay for it. Another great plugin you should pay for is Gravity Forms,…

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