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Three Things That Could Change WordPress Development in 2018

Happy new year everybody! So 2018 has rolled around, and after a relaxing month or so away, I’ve been ready to hit the new year with gusto. It could be a huge year for WordPress, with a lot of huge changes to the ecosystem in 2018. So dragging out my crystal ball and getting like…

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State of the Winwar in 2017

So as per usual in December I’m doing a recap of the state of Winwar Media for the past year. It’s been an interesting year here. A huge amount of change in my personal life has seen not the level of growth that I’ve wanted – had struggles with getting people involved more has seen…

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Winwar Media & Friends WordPress Black Friday 2017 Product Discounts!

Happy Black Friday Everybody! As we’ve done every year we’re offering again a Black Friday Sale. We’re probably not going quite as crazy as everybody, but we’re keen on trying to do something a bit different. Usually when these blog posts come out, you get emails from everybody wanting to be featured (I haven’t actually done a…

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