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How To Get a WordPress Page Permalink By ID

When building themes, you occasionally need to be in a situation where you link to something within your theme that is a page or a post within your site. Ideally you want to avoid it if you can, using WordPress’ ability to position things correctly using menus, or widgets, or something within the database. However…

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eBay Feeds for WordPress Premium 2.4 Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of eBay Feeds for WordPress Premium 2.4! This version fixes a few mobile issues with the premium version, but it’s a major version as it could affect the way in which you style your site. Simple Mobile Stylings I’ve added the ability within the options panel to toggle…

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Can you Have Multiple Templates For A Custom Post Type?

A question recently came up on a project we were on which was “Can we have multiple templates for the same custom post type?”. This post type was fairly similar to pages and in order to maintain URL structure and not screw about with permalinks having something like that would have been incredibly useful. Turns…

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