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WP Taxi Me 2.0 Released

Hello everybody. Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Taxi Me 2.0! This version, in both it’s free & premium¬†incarnation, has been rewritten to make use of the latest Uber API’s, so ordering taxis just became a lot easier. We’ve also introduced a requested feature to the premium version as well. Coordinates in…

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WP Taxi Me Free 1.2 & WP Taxi Me Premium 1.5 Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce the release WP Taxi Me Free 1.2 and WP Taxi Me Premium 1.5! A premium user discovered a bug whereby if nothing was set up, the button didn’t work due to things not loading, and it threw up a nasty error. This update is designed to combat that. Notification on…

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WP Email Capture Version 3 Released

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 3! This version of WP Email Capture, whilst doesn’t add a huge amount of new features, instead features almost a complete rewrite from the ground up. It was originally 4 years old code, and both WordPress and myself are vastly better than 4 years…

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