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Inline Tweet Sharer 2.3 Released!

I’m happy, to announce that Inline Tweet Sharer 2.3 has been released! This version doesn’t add a feature, but rather improves the integration with bit.ly. Bit.ly is a link shortener software that would allow you to add your own tracking links automatically within Inline Tweet Sharer. In order to change, we’ve had to refactor some…

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eBay Feeds for WordPress 2.3 Released!

Hello! And Happy New Year! Today I’m happy to announce the update to eBay Feeds for WordPress 2.3 for both eBay Feeds for WordPress & eBay Feeds for WordPress Premium! Smart Links This version adds a brand new feature – Smart Links. You can read all about Smart Links in their announcement blog post, but…

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State of the Winwar in 2018

So, as per usual in December I’m doing a recap of the year. Well…quite a year for the company behind Winwar Media, if not necessarily for the site. It’s been much of the muchness for my main sites whilst I’ve been growing a side site. But I feel like it’s been a good year, with…

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