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Hello Brighton SEO, I’m Rhys

So, this week in the first time in absolutely ages I’m attending Brighton SEO. I cannot remember the last time I attended Brighton SEO, but it was a few years back, in the dying embers of my SEO career before I became a full time web developer. Anyway, you may be questioning why I’m attending an…

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Inline Tweet Sharer Premium – Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce that – following some development time and liaising with the community – one of my more popular plugins, Inline Tweet Sharer, has been upgraded to version 2.0. And I’m happy to announce that at the same time, Inline Tweet Sharer Premium has been released! About Inline Tweet Sharer Premium Inline…

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How to Disable Jetpack’s Contact Form Module

You can almost split WordPress developers into two groups. Those of us (myself include) who love Automattic’s offering of plugins in one module – Jetpack, and those of us who hate it. I’m firmly in the first group, but occasionally find myself in the second camp, as I have recently when I wanted to disable…

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