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WP eBay Product Feeds 3.3 Released

Today I’ve released WP eBay Product Feeds 3.3, for both free & premium. This version is a bit of a strange one, as effectively there won’t be more features built going forward, but merely a maintenance release to try and provide a solution for all our users. In short, after Auction Request got shut down,…

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WP eBay Product Feeds 3.2 Released!

We’ve now released WP eBay Product Feeds 3.2! This release is only a free release, and adds on things we’ve discovered since working with Auction Request in the last few months, as well as how sites are structured and how people rank. Better Handling of Search Engines One thing we discovered recently was that bots…

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WP eBay Product Feeds 3.1 Released!

After the rush release for WP eBay Product Feeds 3.0 and Auction Request, we’re back to normal with a sensible release, with a release of WP eBay Product Feeds free & premium 3.1. This is a bunch of fixes that I didn’t have chance to release before the end of the month, so I’m releasing…

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