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Have you ever put a site live and realised some time later you haven’t unticked the “Discourage Search Engines From Indexing Your Site”? This plugin is for you.

This plugin will warn you should you have blocked search engines in your blog. If you then move the database from your developmental site to your live installation, or change your blog’s domain URL, then the warning will reappear, and not move until you have either unblocked search engines or made the plugin aware you have changed domains.


  1. Upload the plugin (unzipped) into `/wp-content/plugins/`.
  2. Activate the plugin under the “Plugins” menu.
  3. If your site is invisible to search engines, a big error box appears on the top of the screen. It will instruct you on what to do after that.

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A big thanks to the following contributors to this project:-

  • Bill Erickson for fixing a bug where we used a deprecated function for the menu, which appeared in debug mode.


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Download Check Search Engine Visibility on Migration