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Download Easy Digital Downloads -Taxamo Integration


This plugin integrates the Taxamo EU VAT service into Easy Digital Downloads, allowing you to comply with the EU VAT legislation that came into affect on January 1st, 2015.

Why Do I Need This Plugin?

On January 1st 2015, the rules for paying VAT on digital sales in the EU have changed. Rather than charging VAT on where the seller is from, it has changed to where the buyer is from. For most small businesses this meant registering for VAT in all nations in the EU, or registering for a service like VATMOSS.

From then, you have to track where each user comes from who purchases on your site. For most small businesses, this incredibly unworkable, which is where Taxamo steps in to help.

What is Taxamo?

Taxamo is a service that will help you record the relevant data and calculate the VAT for you for what you owe in each country. This data is then collated to be submitted to a VATMOSS system to ensure the tax is correctly paid.

Data is stored on Taxamo’s system, and it is affordable for many site owners who sell digital products.

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What this Plugin Does?

This plugin collects data from purchases made through Easy Digital Downloads, and then submits relevant data to Taxamo, to allow them to process the correct VAT on the purchase. It also automatically changes the price of products dependant on where the user is located – so that you don’t lose out on this law. This can be overwritten if the user is registered for VAT.

It also handles refunds, so if a refund is made in Easy Digital Downloads, it is recorded in Taxamo.

What Data is Recorded?

Data that is recorded is the following:-

  • The IP address of the purchaser (already collected by Easy Digital Downloads)
  • The billing address of the purchaser (already collected by Easy Digital Downloads)
  • The country code of the IP address of the purchaser (created by data collected by Easy Digital Downloads)
  • The VAT Number of a purchaser if registered for VAT (new data collected).

This is done to try and not extend the checkout process too much, to prevent cart abandonment.


  1. Upload taxamo-edd-integration folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Sign up for Taxamo, and note the Private & Public Key.
  4. Add in the Downloads > Settings > Extensions your Public & Private key in the relevant box.
  5. Switch on Taxes (in Downloads > Settings > Taxes).


For the Documentation/FAQ pages, please see visit our dedicated Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration Documentation.


This plugin has no free support. As such, no support will be given on the WordPress.org forums. Instead support is handled by Priority Support section. If you believe you have a bug, rather than a support request, please submit a bug to the Github issue tracker, or contact me directly.

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