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Archive for the ‘Opinions’ Category

Three Thoughts From WordCamp Europe 2017

So as shared in a post about a month ago, I made my trip to WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris, France. It was a great trip to one of Europe’s finest capitals, and whilst not perfect (the food was a bit poor and by goodness it was expensive), it was one of the better WordCamps…

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Want Me To Share Your “Expert Opinion” Post? Then Do This….

Recently, I’ve seen more and more “Expert Opinion” posts, particularly in the WordPress space. I’ve been asked myself to contribute to these, and I can see why. It’s easy content (you write very little beyond the actual questions), you can get some natural shares (from those contribute to the article, they may get an ego…

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Predictions for WordPress Businesses for 2016

Happy New Year Everybody! I hope you had a great break and are feeling refreshed for the new year! We took a nice break, we didn’t switch off totally but did end up having a fair few days just keeping an eye on things rather than doing much work. It is definitely needed though as projects…

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Things Learned from Organising WordCamp Manchester in 130 Days

So I’m writing this at the tail end of a very successful WordCamp Manchester, which was held on the weekend of October 10th. So far, from checking the twitter chatter and blog posts, it appears to have been a great success, and thanks to no small part to all the volunteers, sponsors, organisers & speakers.…

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When Only Average Is Good Enough

So two things has stood out for me in the past week or so, one was a an article, the other was an event. The event is Summer Games Done Quick. This event, that takes place twice a year in America,  sees the world’s best speedrunners compete and complete video games as quick as they can.…

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Donations for WordPress Work – Time To Revaluate?

Last week I had something incredibly rare: a donation to one of my plugins! The amount is irrelevant, but was very generously received and it put a smile on my face. So a huge thank you to Alyssa who saw fit to donate to the Inline Tweet Sharer project. Thanks again. WordPress Monetisation – The…

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