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WordPress Plugin Reviews

Here is a list of all the WordPress Plugin Reviews and all the WordPress Theme Reviews on the site. Occasionally, I’m asked by third parties to review plugins and themes both to seek my opinion as well as provide feedback on them.

These reviews are done fairly, and although they feature affiliate links as a means of compensation I review these plugins and themes fairly and without bias. I’ve been working with WordPress for over 10 years and have contributed to the WordPress project so I’ve seen plenty of useful plugins as well as poorly made plugins as well, so you can trust my opinion as to whether the plugin is easy to use, safe as well as useful.

If you are a plugin or theme author and want featuring here please contact us and we can sort a review out. Please understand that there could be a lead time as to when I get around to the review as it needs to fit within the editorial calendar, but we can discuss options over email.

SendPulse Email Marketing Plugin Review

Today, as I was asked, I’m going to review the SendPulse Email Marketing Plugin. The plugin basically does seem to connect with their marketing system which allows sending of event-based emails, SMS and Push Notifications. They seem to manage this through a number of forms and through a few plugins that are on the WordPress…

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Foliovision FV Player Pro WordPress Plugin Review

I was approached by the developers and team behind Foliovision regarding their latest plugin offering. FV Player Pro. FV Player Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to improve the native experience for video in WordPress. From reading the site, their features are impressive – it seems to be something that integrates with both WordPress and services…

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ProfilePress WordPress Plugin Review

Recently I was contacted by the people behind ProfilePress about their plugin – ProfilePress. ProfilePress is a developer focussed plugin that will allow users to build their own profiles on the site. If your new site needs login capabilities, or profile capabilites, ProfilePress could be a solution to you to handle this functionality. It comes…

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Magic Tooltips for Gravity Forms Review & Competition

We are big fans of Gravity Forms here at Winwar Media. It’s a great plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build forms. But from a developer standpoint, it is a dream. You can extend it so much. We’ve built holiday booking forms, quizzes and even a reddit clone using Gravity Forms. It’s superb.…

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Maps Marker Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Recently I was approached by the people behind Maps Marker Pro to give a review of their plugin and share my thoughts on it. I was honoured and delighted to be approached for this, so after playing around with it over the weekend, here’s what my thoughts on the plugin is. Maps Marker Pro is…

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Book Review: Rework

I was recommended by Shane to have a read of Rework, the business book from the chaps at 37signals. Now, call me a little unprepared but I’ve only read one such self improvement book before (and that was the Highway Code, so that hardly counts), so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’m not…

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