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WP eBay Product Feeds 2.5 Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP eBay Product Feeds version 2.5 for both free & premium versions. I’ve bumped the version number up to 2.5 as well, as whilst it’s a small update, it can affect the display of the feed on sites, so wanted to provide an update and what this…

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Inline Tweet Sharer 2.4 Released

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of Inline Tweet Sharer 2.4! This version introduces a brand new option on the site, reducing the footprint the plugin uses on the site should you decide to use it, as well as a few display bugs. Disable Stylesheets From Loading The new version introduces a new option,…

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State of the Winwar 2019

So here’s a slightly delayed “State of the Winwar” for the year of 2019. Overall it’s been an interesting year, a year of change and refocus. So this blog post will be slightly different to what you’re used to seeing on a yearly basis. Dwi’n Rhys – Decent Growth Beyond a couple of shakey moments…

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