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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of Easy Digital Downloads – Taxamo Integration v1.5.

This version introduces a new feature to the plugin, which is one of our longest requested features: the ability to set prices inclusive of tax.

Set VAT Inclusive Prices on Cart

Previously within the plugin, you had to set the price exclusive of tax. This lead to problems occasionally as the price reported on checkout didn’t necessarily agree with the price on your buttons. So if a plugin was advertised as £10, adding on the VAT of 20% could mean the plugin was listed as £12.00 price. This is common in some parts of the world, but others prices are inclusive of VAT.

This has now changed with the latest version, as prices can now be set on checkout inclusive of VAT.

Of course, when you sell your download, the share of the VAT will come out of your pocket (so if your plugin is £10, you’ll probably only get £8 or £9 dependant on where the user comes from), so you’d have to make that decision yourself should you wish to set this. However if you do so, the options is there.

Display prices including Tax option for Easy Digital Downloads


To set this, go to the Downloads > Settings > Taxes and find the dropdown menu of “Display During Checkout”. Change this to “Including Tax”, and you’re all set.

The documentation has been improved to help reflect this change.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is, and changed this on this shop to include VAT pricing.

Other Bugs

This version also fixed another small bug – where you couldn’t check out if you had a 100% discount on a product when buying from a country that your IP address doesn’t match.

Thanks to jakemcmurchie for discovering the bug.


To download the latest version of the plugin, please click the link below:-

Download Easy Digital Downloads -Taxamo Integration

This plugin requires an account on Taxamo to run. Click here to sign up to Taxamo:-

Sign up For Taxamo

Keep Upto Date

Finally, to keep upto date with the plugin, please check out the Github issues for a possible future roadmap of the plugin, or subscribe to the mailing list below.



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