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Rhys Wynne

Rhys Wynne is the senior editor at Winwar Media's blog, with over 8 years experience in blogging, and enjoys creating WordPress plugins. You can follow Rhys on Twitter.

Posts by Rhys Wynne:

Integrate Uber To Your Business Directory using WP Taxi Me


If you run a business directory for your local area one way in which to improve each listing is to provide each business listing with it’s own Uber button. Uber is a taxi service where people could order taxis from their phones, and is popular in most major cities worldwide. As such, if you have…

WP Taxi Me 2.0 Released


Hello everybody. Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Taxi Me 2.0! This version, in both it’s free & premium incarnation, has been rewritten to make use of the latest Uber API’s, so ordering taxis just became a lot easier. We’ve also introduced a requested feature to the premium version as well. Coordinates in…

WP Taxi Me Free 1.2 & WP Taxi Me Premium 1.5 Released!


Today I’m delighted to announce the release WP Taxi Me Free 1.2 and WP Taxi Me Premium 1.5! A premium user discovered a bug whereby if nothing was set up, the button didn’t work due to things not loading, and it threw up a nasty error. This update is designed to combat that. Notification on…

WP Email Capture Version 3 Released


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 3! This version of WP Email Capture, whilst doesn’t add a huge amount of new features, instead features almost a complete rewrite from the ground up. It was originally 4 years old code, and both WordPress and myself are vastly better than 4 years…

WP Flipclock 1.7.2 Released!


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Flipclock 1.7.2! This is a minor bug release, but it fixes a number of bugs that had been introduced in the past few releases. hidelabel shortcode parameter now evaluated correctly Hiding labels on one clock on a page does not affect other clocks Error in javascript…

Hello WordCamp London, I’m Rhys


This is my last blog post for a while, so I’d thought I’d end it with a blog post to say that I’m looking forward to WordCamp London in a couple of weeks! This is my first WordCamp of the year, and one I am speaking at! I’m speaking on “Top Tools for WordPress SEO (To…

WP Flipclock 1.7 Released!


Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Flipclock 1.7! This plugin introduces a hugely requested feature. Responsive Clocks! So, now the clocks are in some way responsive. It has one break point, and can do with expanding I guess, but it’s a start. In short, if you go on a small screen, this:-…

Want Me To Share Your “Expert Opinion” Post? Then Do This….


Recently, I’ve seen more and more “Expert Opinion” posts, particularly in the WordPress space. I’ve been asked myself to contribute to these, and I can see why. It’s easy content (you write very little beyond the actual questions), you can get some natural shares (from those contribute to the article, they may get an ego…

MancSAS February 2016 Meetup – Top Takeaways


(Header Photo Credit – https://twitter.com/I_COM/status/697507967441235969/photo/1) Last week was the reboot of the MancSAS meetup that took place in I-COM’s offices on the 10th February. This meetup was the first in a new format, in that it had a larger collection of talks and lightning talks as well to get a broad range of speakers from…

Speaking at WordCamp London – 8th-10th April 2016


I’m delighted to announce that I’m speaking at WordCamp London, happening the weekend of 8th and 10th April, 2016. The talk I’m giving is my “Top Tools to Use for WordPress SEO (to use as well as Yoast’s Stuff)” talk, though this is a full session, rather than a lightning talk. In this talk I’ll…