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Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Taxi Me 2.3 for both the Free & Premium Releases!

This release is an important release, and it only affects the Free version – as we’ve changed our API we used for Geolocation, from Google Maps to Mapbox.

What’s Changed?

Well, Google Maps has started charging. You get $200 free monthly credit, and you have 40,000 API calls for free month. But the main cost of entry has been that the API needs you to pre-emptively put your credit card details in case you go over. It’s a little bit sneaky I thought, so I switched to Mapbox.

Benefits of Mapbox over Google Maps

I’ve discovered two main benefits to Mapbox over Google Maps:-

  • You have up to 10,000 more API calls per month for free.
  • You don’t have to give your credit card details on their free or pay as you go plan.

These two issues swung it to Google Maps. But you will need to sign up to Mapbox. You can do so for free here.

Setting Up Mapbox for WP Taxi Me 2.3

Thnakfully it’s quite straightforward to make Mapbox work with WP Taxi Me 2.3. You can read about that here.

Will WP Taxi Me Use Google Maps Again?

Probably. I’m looking at adding a (free) option to the plugin that re-uses Google Maps. But it will take me a week or two to write about. I’ve a post coming up soon from the makers of Map Markers Pro who detail the change far better than I can!

Get WP Taxi Me Today

You can download the free version of WP Taxi Me here.

Download WP Taxi Me

WP Taxi Me Premium 2.3 Changes

As well as making sure the above worked with the Premium version, we also made a change to WP Taxi Me.

Add Lyft Affiliate To Buttons

Recently, Lyft’s API went through a few small changes. They’ve restructured the way in which buttons are displayed. We’ve integrated this new button, which will allow you to add your own affiliate code to buttons. You can read how in this in the documentation. But don’t worry, you can still use the old way of displaying the button.

Those with a valid licence can upgrade to WP Taxi Me 2.3 for free. If you don’t have a valid licence you can upgrade for £15 here.

Billed yearly until cancelled

Keep Upto Date

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